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Mastectomy Solutions

Mastectomy Solutions
Breast cancer treatment presents a unique set of challenges and asking questions and gaining knowlege can avoid discomfort down the road. Certicare provides clients with unique post-surgery, non-surgical options that will restore your balance.Certicare provides custom fit garments and elegant mastectomy products that provide confidence and comfort.

Mastectomy Garment Solutions

  • Unique fit, lightweight breast forms
  • Seamless bras for a flawless profile
  • Message form attach natural prosthesis
  • Swim prosthesis for your active life style
  • Arm sleeves for preventive+lymphedema
  • Lymphedema and Breast Cancer

    After breast cancer treatment, localized swelling is normal, but you may be at risk of developing lymphedema. lymphedema is swelling caused by the accumulation of lymph fluid, a chronic disorder in which lymph fluid fails to circulate properly.Compression garments are a comfortable and effective way to control the disorder, encouraging the flow of fluid back into the system.

    Preventative Compression

    After breast cancer treatment, Compression garments are a comfortable and effective way to prevent and control the early stages of swelling. It is recommended to wear compression when flying, exercising and preforming physical work after a mastectomy.

    CertiCare is an authorized vendor with the Assistive Devices Program (ADP), providing funding for products and garments required to maintain and enhance living with lymphedema.

    Click her for ADP approved compression products and pumps:
    Mastectomy Solutions